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Unstable Housing Directly Impacts Grand County’s Health

September 12, 2019 From a report released from the Colorado Health Institute's Home Equity Report Access to healthcare is important, but being truly healthy requires so much more! At Grand ...

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Real and Deep: The Impact of Losing the Mental Health Crisis Contract in Grand County

July 19, 2019 by Jen Fanning, Executive Director, Grand County Rural Health Network Mental health is hard. No matter how you look at it. As an individual, the social stigma of having a ...

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Sky-Hi News 4-part series: They are Us: Examining mental health in Grand County

originally published by Sky-Hi News, April-May 2019 Mental health issues are not a problem that can easily be solved, but they can be brought to light. People’s stories can be told and barriers ...

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6 Things to Know about Health Insurance

December 28, 2018 The Affordable Care Act, which you may know as “Obamacare,” continues as a national protector of you and your family’s health and finances. Here in Colorado, ...

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Questions and Answers about Health Insurance

Health Insurance: There is so much change right now. What is fact? Facts about Health Insurance: Nationally, open enrollment ended December 15, 2017. But this does not impact us in ...

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The State of Health Coverage in Grand County

by Jen Fanning, Executive Director, Grand County Rural Health Network High costs of health insurance coverage. Rising insurance premiums. Families making difficult decisions about monthly costs ...

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By Kim Long - Oct. 2017 If you are like most Grand County folks, fall is all about football, hiking, Halloween costumes and getting ready for the snow! Between touchdowns and pumpkin picking, now is ...

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Healthcare Barriers in Grand County

By Maureen Wenger RN, Patient Navigator September 6, 2017 Healthcare barriers include anything that makes it harder for you to be as healthy as you can possibly be.  The Patient Navigator program ...

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Rural Health Equity

For many people, rural life in Colorado may bring to mind images of fresh air, mountain vistas, vigorous hikes and days spent fly-fishing and eating farm-raised, wholesome foods. This Ralph ...

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