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Grand County, Colorado

Whatever you’re going through, there is help available 24/7/365.
Whether you have struggled with suicide yourself or have lost a loved one, you are not alone. With a community of resources available 24/7/365, free, confidential help is available through phone, chat, or text.


Suicide Prevention Starts Now

There is no wrong reason to not reach out. There are crisis center counselors available 24/7/365 to help, today. If you’re struggling with suicide or need to talk through the loss of a loved one, connecting with a counselor can help. Here are a few common reasons why people reach out.

Suicide Ideation/Thoughts


Housing Needs


Financial Pressures


Concerns for Family or Friends




Relationship Challenges

Gender and Identity

Local Crises

Loss of Family or Friends

Family Crisis

COVID-19/Pandemic Stress

It’s okay to not be okay. Whatever you’re going through, you do not have to do it alone. Let crisis center counselors help with free, confidential support.

Anyone Could Be Struggling With Suicide

All ages, races, and genders are affected by suicide. Even neighbors and friends that we feel that we know well may be struggling with suicide or a suicide loss. It is when we talk about suicide that we can start to heal and find hope and recovery.  


It is important we #CareEnough to learn how to speak up in the face of bullying, depression, and suicide.

GCRHN Suicide Signs - Suicide Prevention

Courageous Locals Share Their Stories to Build a Stronger Community 


Read and listen about personal experiences from people in your local community whose lives have been impacted by suicide, depression, and mental illness. Experience the stories of how people overcame crises to find hope, connections, and recovery.

Suicide Prevention Hike

Join Us for the 2023 Hike

Our Grand County mental health care providers have come together to bring a community suicide prevention walk called the “You Are Not Alone” hike. The core of the hike is to create a movement to give people the courage to open up about their own struggle or loss and to be the platform to change our cultural approach to mental health. Attendance is free and open for anyone to join.


Need to talk? We can help.