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COVID-19 HHRC Update: Outbreak at Winter Park Resort Among Resort Employees

February 8, 2021

Information shared from Grand Country Public Health

Joint Statement from Grand County Public Health and Winter Park Resort

GRAND COUNTY, CO – On the week of February 8, 2021, Grand County Public Health (GCPH) will be reporting to the state an outbreak at Winter Park Resort (WPR) among resort employees. This declaration allows more state resources to be pulled in to aid with suppressing COVID activity in the WPR employee group. WPR, GCPH and CDPHE will continue to monitor the outbreak until two incubation periods (28 days) have passed with no new outbreak-related COVID-19 positive cases. Through case investigations, it has been determined that these cases have not been traced back to transmission through interaction with visitors but, rather, from social gatherings outside of the workplace and congregate housing.

WPR has worked closely and been transparent with state and local public health authorities since the onset of the pandemic and in recent weeks to navigate these dynamic circumstances.  WPR has an onsite testing site that they have managed since December and has consistently utilized GCPH testing sites as deemed necessary. 

Throughout the past few months, WPR has implemented robust contact tracing among employees which has helped GCPH and a CDPHE contact tracing support team has been enlisted as needed during this outbreak. WPR has also enlisted a CDPHE epidemiology/hygiene consult to further investigate changes that could be made that could suppress COVID activity among employees.

CDPHE and WPR are proactively enacting protocols that allow more state resources to be used in aid of suppressing COVID-19 activity in the WPR employee group, including increased testing and this announcement. WPR, GCPH and the Grand County Board of Health (BOH) will utilize all local and state resources in order to address these cases and support the community.                        

It is important to remember that it is every individual’s personal and professional responsibility to make the right decisions and hold each other to the safest standards possible.  Please continue to take preventative measures to protect yourself and others.