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Youth Programs & Activities

Jaiden, Granby Elementary 3rd Grade

Youth programs provide the opportunity to build a strong base and healthy lifestyle at a young age, teach children new skills that help with overall development, and expose them to activities that they enjoy. Participation in Parks & Recreation activities are associated with autonomy and identity development, positive social relationships, and learning conflict resolution, academic success, mental health, and civic engagement. There are nine outcomes that are particularly important results of participation in out-of-school time (OST) programs. These outcomes occur for participants, families, and the wider community and include:

1. Contribute to reducing juvenile delinquency

2. Contribute to increasing positive and reducing negative behaviors

3. Expose youth to less violence

4. Improve children’s educational performance and thus impact the quality of the future work
force and the national economy

5. Helps decrease health care costs related to childhood obesity

6. Increase the economic contributions of young people to society when they become adults

7. Help youth develop self-confidence, optimism, and initiative

8. Increase civic responsibility and participation

9. Help reduce parental stress and thus affect health care costs and lost job productivity

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