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Your eyes are an important part of your overall health. Your eye health is constantly evolving — with new needs and challenges at different times throughout our lives; because your vision is for life.
The eyes are the window to the body, and often diseases or other health complications are detected during routine eye exams. A comprehensive eye exam will determine general health of the eyes; which will include evaluating the need for glasses. However that is only one of the many things that an eye exam will include, the optometrist will also check the pressure of the eye in addition to the presence of diabetes and other eye diseases.

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Like many other health issues knowing and being aware of your family history, keeping a balanced diet, and not smoking are just a few things that can help you on your path to healthy eyes and vision. Eating right to protect your sight, a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and fish containing omega 3 fatty acids are important for keeping your eyes healthy. Much like an annual physical from your primary care doctor, yearly dilated eye exams are strongly recommended, even if you may not need a correction (glasses or contacts). Any local eye care professional will be able to recommend the appropriate solutions for your eye health and eye safety. If you haven’t had an eye exam in more than 2 years you should schedule one today.