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Dental Health

Dental health is important to an individual’s overall health, but it is often overlooked or neglected in both children and adults. It is critical that proper oral health care begins during early childhood and that it carries on throughout a person’s lifetime. The American Dental Association recommends that a child first be seen by a dentist when they are 1 year old. Dental decay is the most common childhood disease in the United States and it is also one of the most preventable. Proper oral health care includes brushing your teeth with a fluoridated toothpaste twice a day, flossing between your teeth daily, and visiting a dentist regularly. Recent studies have shown that there is a link between dental health and systemic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. In fact, systemic diseases are often first apparent in the mouth and regular dental care can lead to earlier diagnosis and treatment. Whether a child or adult, caring for your teeth and mouth can make a significant difference in the way you feel.