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COVID-19 HHRC Update: Weekly Update

January 29, 2021

Information shared from Grand Country Public Health

Numbers Outlook 
Our numbers locally are starting to plateau but they are still well into level Red Level. In general, we believe the rise in numbers lately is a combined result of: residual from the holidays, indoor close-contact personal gatherings, sick individuals not staying home when ill, and other work or school exposures. The good news is that we do not foresee any major upcoming events or holidays that would cause new spikes.  Furthermore, thanks to our robust antigen testing program that allows for early detection of potential outbreaks, we feel that our level Orange restrictions are still appropriate despite our level Red numbers.

Vaccine Update
Since its launch on January 6, 2021, the “Grand County Individual COVID-19 Vaccine Registration” Form has received over 3,400 submitted responses .  Of these, over 1,200 are citizens at least 70 years old.  

Keep in mind that this registration form was NOT intended to schedule people for an appointment to get the vaccine.  The form was intended to put names on the list of interested persons wanting to get the vaccine so that the registration process could proceed as follows:

  1. An individual completes and submits the Individual Registration Form.
  2. The form is then added into a master list of people wanting to get the vaccine. This list is categorized by vaccination phase, age group, and primary care provider (PCP/provider)*.
  3. Each of the local medical clinics has access to the list of individuals that selected their clinic as that individual’s medical provider.
  4. When that specific clinic has a vaccine available, they will contact individuals at the phone numbers provided.  Should you have questions about your clinic’s process, please contact them directly. 

* Individuals that selected “I do not have a local primary care provider” will be contacted by Grand County Public Health.

In the last couple weeks, we have received several calls and emails questioning whether an individual’s registration form had been properly submitted and received. If you hit the submit button at the end of the form and a confirmation message popped up, your form was submitted and received.  Furthermore, we have not deleted anyone’s name from the list.    

Grand County is currently vaccinating the 70+ population, but we have only been receiving small shipments of vaccines. Some of our local providers have not received any vaccine shipments to date.  We are working diligently to vaccinate as many eligible individuals as we can while also ensuring that there are no wasted doses. We understand that many people are eager to get their vaccine as soon as possible, and we, too, want that to happen.   Should you have any specific questions, we ask that you contact your provider’s clinic directly.

BREAKING NEWS FROM THE STATE RELATED TO COVID VACCINE: Governor Polis just announced the expansion of the 1B population to include three subgroups: 1B.1, 1B.2, and 1B.3.  According to a press release from CDPHE today, Beginning February 8, providers will be able to vaccinate anyone 65 and over, including continuing to prioritize those that are 70 and over who have not yet received a vaccine. Colorado’s Early Childhood educations, licenced childcare providers, PreK-12 educators will also be eligible to receive the vaccine on February 8. Educators should reach out to their employers to sign up for the vaccine.Governor Polis also announced that the State estimates that close to March 5, frontline workers and Coloradans ages 16-64 with two or more high-risk conditions will also be eligible to receive the vaccine. It’s also projected that Coloradans ages 60 and up will also be able to start receiving the vaccine around March 5.”  Check out the new Phase Distribution Chart at

Vaccinations Given by GCPH
As of 1/29/2021, Grand County Public Health estimates that approximately 1525 vaccines have been given in Grand County between Grand County Public Health, Middle Park Health, Denver Health, and Safeway in Fraser.  This value encompasses 1A and 1B populations vaccinated to date and includes both first and second doses given so far.

Reminder on Personal Gathering Limit
Despite the downward trend in new cases we saw during the month of December, the last three weeks have seen a rise in cases again, many of which are attributed to small, private, indoor gatherings.  During this time of rising disease incidence in the County, it is important to keep personal gatherings with non-household members to a minimum.  The  best practice is to only gather with your household members, but, if you must,  personal gatherings of up to 10 people from no more than 2 households are allowed under our current restrictions.  Short Term Lodging, including STRs, are subject to the personal gathering limit and should not host stays that include more than two households.