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COVID-19 HHRC Update: New Temporary Amendment Order

December 16, 2020

Information shared from Grand Country Public Health

New Temporary Amendment Order In Effect From December 19 Through January 4

GRAND COUNTY, CO – On December 16, 2020, Grand County Public Health (GCPH) issued a new  Temporary Amendment Order to the June 26, 2020 Standing Public Health Order. The new temporary amendment reflects a continuance of restrictions on short-term lodging and indoor events or gatherings, while also releasing the restrictions on restaurants.  Since the end of November, Grand County has seen a significant reduction of 35% in our case rate. However, this case count still reflects Level Red numbers, meaning that there is still work to be done.  

The goal of this new temporary amendment is to allow restaurants to reopen their indoor dining operations while maintaining the progress Grand County has made in the last two weeks regarding our decreasing case rate. Grand County will remain in level Orange capacities and restrictions with the exception of indoor events and gatherings and short-term lodging which both have more restrictive Protective Measures. The Temporary Amendment Order includes the following:  

  • Temporarily amending Grand County Public Health Director’s June 26, 2020 Standing Public Health Order, and any previous amendments, from Saturday, December 19, 2020 at 12:01 am until Monday, January 4, 2021 at 11:59 pm.
  • Activities to Be Amended and Updates to Playbook(note: these updates will be reflected in the relevant activity specific playbook and include the date of update):
    • Playbook: Events Playbook; Activity: Continue temporary restriction on Indoor Events and Gatherings, not including Worship. Continue Indoor Event Specific Protective Measures to reflect that all indoor events, including private gatherings, shall cease unless operating under strict protective measures and approval through Grand County Public Health. 
    • Playbook: Lodging Playbook; Activity: Continue temporary restrictions on personal gathering limits in Short-Term Rental Properties and Lodging.Continue capacity restrictions for short-term lodging to include a one (1) household limit on private gatherings and stays.   
    • Playbook: Restaurant Playbook; Activity: Update language to reflect release of “temporary red restrictions” for restaurants on December 19th and reinstatement of level orange capacities and restrictions, unless amended in the future by Grand County Public Health.Update Restaurant-Specific Protective Measures by releasing the temporary “Red” restrictions on December 19th and reinstating level “Orange” capacities and restrictions (25% capacity up to 50 people per room, parties limited to 10 people, 6’ distancing between tables) unless amended in the future by Grand County Public Health. As is the case with all levels except Level Green: Protect our Neighbors , bars shall remain closed.

GCPH has identified a high probability of disease transmission through prolonged indoor gatherings with multiple households. While a continuance of these restrictions are meant to promote the continuing decline in our case rate and work to ensure Grand County stays within the parameters needed for the forthcoming 5-star program, we do understand that these restrictions are not timely. 

Nevertheless, it is important to not negate the progress made thus far. Therefore, we are asking for voluntary compliance from both residents and visitors during this holiday season. While it may be a vacation, we must remain vigilant.

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