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Sky-Hi News 4-part series: They are Us: Examining mental health in Grand County

originally published by Sky-Hi News, April-May 2019

Mental health issues are not a problem that can easily be solved, but they can be brought to light. People’s stories can be told and barriers to care can be exposed. That’s the goal of our four-part in-depth mental health series, They are Us.

We understand that this series won’t remedy all the problems here in Grand County. Instead our mission is to start a public discourse about mental illness, to highlight the things needing change, to share the often intimate, uncomfortable stories of your friends, neighbors and co-workers who are trying to work through an invisible, internal crisis. We want to give mental illness a visible face.

We’re here to say that struggling with mental illness isn’t something that should be hidden or shrugged off. It’s only when people realize this that they can begin to deal with the problem and, hopefully, encourage others to do the same.

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